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Video Marketing: How to Edit and create videos

If you have you seen some videos made online that you can put on your website you may be wondering how to create and edit videos.
Creating videos using tools like Windows Movie Maker or Windows Movie Maker can be done for free. However, if you have Windows Vista as the operating system, make sure the program works OK. If you have changed any permissions you might have problems like not being able to make movies or dit. Here are some options to review the use of video editing tools that are paid or free.
Free Video Editing Tools
Usually there are two applications on the PC as stated above, and Movie Maker Live Movie Maker. Life looks more "modern", but can be more temperamental. MovieMaker is more tolerant of errors, especially when using Vista 64 bit. There is so little to Jing and this video has a paid version. This seems to work OK with Vista. Another option for the style of PowerPoint is Animoto video. CamStudio also anther option. Many other free options may have a problem with Vista. You can check their own, but from experience I can say some of the older will have permission issues and will not work well with Vista.
Video Editing options are paid
For applications Camtasia paid is the primary standard. You can get a free trial for 30 days to see if it is right for you. They havea very strong support structure so can help with technical issues the most. With 64 bit Vista you may experience some problems Depending on the user profile set up in Vista. On one machine I set up the only way I could get it to run anything that uses a "full" administrator rights. There are others such as NCH debut. Debut has a free choice you can use and is divided into several modules. To edit the basic records and the system will be less than half the cost of Camtasia, but will have features such as editing fewr and additional features. It works well with Vista.
Editing Methods
For most video editing systems, especially those free movies should be in a format that can be read by software. Camtasia to record their debut and will use the internal format for recording. After you record, you can do many things. You can add a soundtrack and put it into your movie by using drag and drop feature. You can also cut movie parts (trim & split), you can add another movie to your main one. Special transitions such as fade in and out of sequence, annotation and titles can also be added. Once you have what you want the movie is then "translated". This creates a complete movie in formats like avi. With a more expensive system, it is possible to output something that can be directly uploaded to your website or YouTube style site. For a cheaper or free you will need to have a general Video Converter tool to convert the format to "flv" mp4 swf or. Free software such as Format Factory can do this for you. Free playback software such as VLC can not do this.

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